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VeganQueenCuisine is a Black-Owned, Women-Owned vegan energy drink company out of Washington, D.C

Anna M. Cobb is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. She has a bachelor's in Plant and soil science from the illustrious Tuskegee University. There is where she made her vision a reality. VeganQueenCuisine first started as a vegan catering business on her campus. By Tuskegee University being located in a food desert, Anna wanted more for her campus life. So she started VeganQueenCuisine catering. After three months in business, COVID-19 hit the campus abruptly, causing her to shut down. But for this Taurus, nothing can get in her way. She used the global shutdown as a time to take her business to the next step. She brought on her mother, Anita Massengale, and her sister, Fritzma Audain, to take the company a couple of steps forward. In June 2020, VeganQueenCuisine launched Rejuvenation. The vegan energy drink thousands have come to love. They set their values on noncaffeinated products, great taste, and love. Rejuvenation is now sold throughout the United States and is rapidly growing. So what are you waiting for? Rejuve your Groove with Rejuvenation.


Yes, You can replace a full meal with a 16oz bottle.

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